“IDPS protects home insurance deductibles by

offsetting your out-of-pocket expense”.

Why choose Insurance Deductible Protection (IDPS) Service?

Program is designed to help homeowners recover insurance deductible costs when a disaster or damage destroys your home or business. When you subscribe, IDPS will reimburse your deductible amount paid against a valid residential or commercial insurance claim.

Why Choose IDPS?
Subscribers with high-cost deductibles
Customers “happy with protection services
Deductible Offset Cases Handled

Because Life Happens At The Worst Time

IDPS is committed

to becoming a financial recovery resource for homeowners in their time of need. Protecting the insurance deductibles of our customers as they navigate the claims process is our focus.


“Happy clients start with great customer service.”


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Charles M. Customer

I have never been so scared, I filed a claim for roof replacement, cost to repair was $30,000, the deductible was $7,000. As a member of IDPS, I was able to cover it without impacting my family finances. This service was a lifesaver

Close-up man and woman smiling at camera
James and Myra M. Customer

I just signed up but wish this service were available when our home flooded during Hurricane Harvey in 2017, we didn’t have the funds to cover the deductible and had to get a loan which added to our stress and financial burden

Business Woman Talking on the Phone
Samantha H. Designation

A valve burst in my shower and caused over $11,000 in damage, my deductible was $3,000, thank goodness for IDPS, they quickly validated my claim and reimbursed the deductible and repairs got done quickly

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